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Woot, what up school........

So yeah, I started class last week. fun times. These are my classes:

Western Music II(It's mandatory... :()
Great Christian Thinkers(Looks interesting... but hard)
Abnormal Psychology(Yay! for crazy people...)
World Literature(again... it's mandatory... but this may turn out to be interesting)
Biblical Heritage II(Gotta love all of Fr. Pentiuc's classes...)
Contemporary Islamic Theology(Ahhh... my first class at BC... a real school... it's a lovely class. We seem to be started off with REALLY basic things(i.e. "What are the 5 pillars of Islam?))

So anywho... internet isn't working in my room. I'm sitting here in my friend's room right now. I have no idea why it's not working... lol probably viruses. Anywho, as I mentioned before... I really like my elective at BC. So much so that I'd be willing to transfer there... but there are 2 reasons why I am not/can't. One is that I'm a senior next year, and I can't tranfer and then graduate in one year. The other is the major I would be taking. I would switch to the "Mideast and Islamic Studies" department, because (no offense to them) I sure as hell don't want Roman Catholics teaching me Theology. Anywho, it's aight, I only have one year left.

I'm also 90% sure that I'm going to live off campus next year. I'm going to try to get a 2 bedroom apartment next year with 4 people. So far we have 2 (me and Andrew). There are MANY benefits to having an apartment as opposed to living here:
1. My own bathroom. No more public crap bathrooms
2. I'm sick and tired of the conservative-ass-shitty rules at this place (i.e. no guys on the girls side (and visa-versa) after "hours" which means past 11:00 on week days, and 12:00 on weekends... with my own apartment I can have people of the opposite sex over whenever... the can even ::gasps:: God forbid... sleep over)
3. I, as a man in my 20's like to have a drink every once in a while. I can do that. Hell, I can invite others over to do the same. Also, I wish to be able to smoke without having to try to hide myself on some obscure place on the campus
4. It will save me about $3,000 a year on room and board
5. I don't have to eat the shitty-ass food here, I can go get REAL FOOD.
So anywho, God-willing this whole apart thing works out. I saw some for like $1250 a month. Thats not bad... it's about $325 a person. thats actually really good. Anywho, we'll see what we have in Fall.

Also, can you believe that it was a year ago today that I left for Greece??? Crazy stuff.

Also, I can't wait to go to Istanbul in March!!!!
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I'll be in Istanbul at the end of March myself. How long will you be there?
for a week... from the 11th to the 17th...
yeah, as a Roman Catholic, I'm just gonna hafta say "ouch"
...sorry. But It's like as if you went to a Protestant school for Theology... would you want to be taught Theology by Protestants? No. Naturally, because your not that religion. Well, same goes here for me. I'm not not Roman Catholic, so naturally I don't want to be taught that religion.
sorry, you just really made it sound harsh, that's all
no harm no foul
Sorry. It wasn't at all meant to be offensive.
i remember when you became catholic(for those keeping score, that was like three religions ago). you always try to start drama, you're like tenth-grade.
... I'm not trying to start anything... I didn't post it so I can get into a debate. It's just the way I feel. Naturally, I don't want to learn about Roman Catholicism because I'm not Catholic.

Also... Roman Catholic is my previous religion... it's not "three religions ago". ;)
and whatever, i spent money on that goddamn ritual! and then you LEFT IT AT HOME!(for real don't tell me about these things. you should know by now, mang.)

you do too like drama, you miss the tragedy that is "days of our lives" when you're at school so you have to pick fights in the turkish student union. i heard stories.
Actually, it was one religion ago.

Just because I am not Catholic anymore that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate the gift. It was a lovely gift.

LOL... my "stories"... that show has gotten so rediculous. And I like Turks!
that hot andrew kid told me you slapped a turkish kid "like a woman".

(how about that time when you made me give you five dollars and then threw a horrible picture of you behind my bed? you said you did that because i'm catholic. i remember.)
this sounds really scene

adam, i think its important to hear everyone and not close em off...that breeds irrational misunderstanding and a stunted spiritual growth...its like loving to be an ethnicity, but you don't know why....and we are no strangers to these schisms. the bigger our minds become, the bigger our blindspots can get.

still cringing at the word religon but faithfully yours,
Dan, I understand what your saying... but my point on the matter is that I DON'T want a Catholic education. I DO know a lot about Catholicism (after all, I was once Catholic) but why would I want to major in it? Everyone seems to be riding on me for this comment that I made that simply says that I don't feel like making the Roman Catholic Faith my life career. I'm Eastern Orthodox... not Catholic, the only reason for me to learn about Catholicism is to expand my knowledge on other faiths. For example... I'm taking a class on Islam but I'm not learning Theology from them... I'm learning about their religion (or... if you prefere... "faith"). So I know what your saying... but you must understand my point on what I said... what I said was not meant to be offensive... it's just stating point. I'm EASTERN ORTHODOX and if I'm going to learn Theology... I wan't to learn my own Theology. Why would I want to hear it from someone else?
i know guy...damned text sounds harder than it was meant to, me guess is. i see your point and i was only tryin to relate this indirect idea. around here, yeah, the ideas of christ do have the main, i guess you would call it "protestant" stance, and you know what guy, i sometimes think that there are too many avenues of spirituality that are cut off because the roots run deep in the sentinments. i sometimes marvel at the fervent passion and intimacy with God, and this is all 3 main tents in the camp. i also become aware that, and this is with everyone of faith with whom ive spoken too (except for Luke, bless you), that this knowledge can sometimes be used as artillary, and thats just really lame and a HUGE disservice to God.

i didnt mean to flame you. i just didnt want your hard earned faith to be flat and underappreciated, tis all im saying.

have fun, stop smoking, and get a job so u can get an extra room for me,
lol, we talked. It was glorious. ;)

As for a room... no worries I'll do what I can this semester. As for next year, I forgot to tell you that I'm moving to an off-campus location, so you can stay in my apartment.
alright, i really didn't mean to start a war. i jsut felt like you were saying that roman catholic theology was really screwy and so you'd never want to learn from one. if i misread this, my bad. but sometimes i feel like you separate yourself and greek orthodox from all other christians and fear unity because you fear compromise. i just think sometimes we need to feel united in our similarities particularly christ. if the catholics taught something that you disagreed with, i understand it wouldn't be easy. whatever.
let's not fight, but discuss if necessary.
Aw Luke... You know I love you, bro... No fights just discussions.

Anyways... why SHOULD I compromise for the sake of unity... I'm not going to give up elements of my faith simply to ban together. Yes, there are many aspects of Roman Catholicism that I believe are fundementally wrong, hence, why would I want to learn from them. That's just simply the way it is. I don't really want to get into what are the exact things I disagree with... I just want to let you know that when I say these things I don't mean offense to you. I'm Eastern Orthodox, you are Roman Catholic, and we know others who are Protestant. that's just simply the way it is.

It's nice to know about our similarities as it is nice to know about our similarities with other faiths, too. But we must understand that there are many, many differences also. Not to change them or get rid of them, but understand that they exsist.
yeah i didn't get a chance to read this little 'war' thats going on, but i'm glad to hear school is okay. And good luck on getting an apartment next year....hell we'll come visit next year and crash at your place!!! Take it is easy my spanish buddy and i'll talk to you soon.
<3 Mel
Wow... thank you Melanie... you and one other person are the only two people who didn't jump down my throat for not being politically correct.

I heart you Melanie!

Mi gente Latino!!!


Re: wow


January 30 2006, 21:07:41 UTC 11 years ago

This is just a comment from an outsider, but you seem to have a really loose definition of the phrase "jump down my throat". It didn't seem like anyone really jumped down your throat, with the exception of maybe one person. And when you make a statement like, "I sure as hell don't want Roman Catholics teaching me Theology" you have to expect that some people are going to get offended. Maybe if you worded it differently-- something like, "I'm not really interested in learning about Catholic theology"-- it wouldn't have sounded so harsh. But as the statement is, it doesn't take a whole lot of imagination to read a nasty meaning from it. Maybe choose your words a little more carefully next time you post something out in public view.

OK... "outsider"(which you obviously know me in some way or another or you wouldn't be reading my journal... so why don't you just say your name... are you scared?)... If I wanted to be offensive I could have said something a lot worse than what I said, but I didn't, because contrary to what some people think appearantly, I'm not an ass.. This is my journal, so why should I have to be politically correct in what I say? If you don't like it, tough. Don't read it. Simply what I said it that I don't want to learn about Roman Catholicism because I'm not Roman Catholic. I shouldn't have to explain myself further.

Re: wow


February 5 2006, 00:04:21 UTC 11 years ago

Honestly I dont know you. Youve never heard of lurkers before? We bounce around usually just reading random journals. Sometimes randomly getting involved in discussions with people.
As for being politically correct this is an online journal. Anyone can read it. You have every right to post an opinion but anyone who's just passing by has every right to make a comment about it. Apparently you have friends who are Catholic though. If you cared enough about them then youd be a little more careful in what you say. Of course maybe your friends don't mean anything to you. Who knows?
...sure. Why don't you sign in then?

Actually, for your indormation, in case you didn't read any recent comments, I've talked to my Catholic friend. Things have been cleared. It seems others are still stuck on it.

Ans I'll reiterate, my journal, I'll say what I want.
what are friends for right...and i'm never politically correct anyways, plus who cares...life is too short.
I heart you too Adam!
I think we should follow St. Paul's advice in his letters to Timothy to avoid idle and profane and senseless and useless speech that leads us nowhere. Adam meant no offense, he's justified in his opinion, I took it the wrong way, but we talked, and it makes sense. In times like this we should pray for a day for each toher before making posts that might be offense or lead to more hate than love.

We should by shining Christ's light, not darkness. Love you guys.

-Luke "Smoove" Swantek